KAS Gallery, Budapest, Hungary. 13 June - 20 July, 2017

An international project that brings together works on paper by twelve artists from Latin America to Budapest, with our guest artist from this city.

The exhibited artists are Amadeo Azar (Argentina), Rodrigo Torres, Pedro Varela (Brazil), Zsófia Barabás  (Hungary), Daniel Alcalá, Jacobo Alonso, Omar Arcega, Marcos Castro, Héctor Falcón, Jésica López, Tania López Winkler, Quirarte + Ornelas (Mexico), José Vera Matos (Peru).

Curator: Lassla Esquivel
Guest Curator: Zsófia Rechnitzer
Associate producer: Bálint Ferenczy
Private View: Tuesday 13 June 2017. 6.30 pm
Performance Hilanda a.k.a. Tania López Winkler


UNFOLD’s approach to the Latin American & Eastern European art scenes aims to open dialogue about artistic & collecting practices in both regions to understand how they have developed and thrived through time.

At a time when immigration and diversity are in the news everyday, UNFOLD is an exhibition which invites the audience to reconsider stereotypes, notions and even expectations of the Other.

Artists from Latin America are often expected to respond to features that have been socially and culturally constructed as the exotic. The concept 'unfold' by Gilles Deleuze refers to a form of connection, in which all of the universe is a process of folding and unfolding the outside – which creates an interior that is not an inside grown autonomously from the outside world, but merely a doubling of the outside (something he gets from Foucault).  Taking a piece of paper and folding it creates a line, which immediately divides inside and outside, but it still is part of the same whole.

This is the approach of this exhibition, an understanding of the artists from Latin America building their body of work as the inside part of their own process of unfolding, influenced by their individual contexts whilst each having their own perspective that comes from and into a universal language within a globalised era –the outside.  

The UNFOLD exhibition showcases exclusively works on paper, exploring this media as a response to the challenges faced by artists in an increasingly media-saturated world.


Regardless of their geographic distance, Both art scenes, Latin America and Eastern Europe, developed in thriving and challenging circumstances.

Despite the instability in both regions, artists did not stop producing during the oppression of the socialist state in Eastern Europe and under Latin American military dictatorships. On the contrary, these circumstances were creative dares for artists and art promoters during adversity. Artists evolved their practices in analogue of social repression and censorship.  

Parallel Programme: Wednesday 14 June 2017.  6.30 - 9 pm

TALK 1: Cross-culture between Latin America & Eastern Europe: Artistic Practices in Latin America and Eastern Europe – 6.30 pm
• Omar Arcega & Jésica López Mexican artists about their work in Mexico; 
• Zsófia Barabas Hungarian artist about her work in Budapest; 
• Tania López Mexican artist working in London about working abroad

TALK 2: Collecting Practices – 8 pm
• Bálint Ferenczy about collecting practices in Eastern Europe; 
• Lassla Esquivel about collecting practices in Latin America; 

If you want to download the BOOKLET view online & PRESS RELEASE view online  (PRESS RELEASE IN HUNGARIAN)