The Conversatory

This programme of screenings of documentaries, spanning an ample range of topics, aims to open a space for dialogue. We are inviting people with different backgrounds to an informal get-together. We organise 4-6 sessions on one topic and screen documentaries with a connecting thread. Each session will be an opportunity to have a glass of wine or a cold beer while exchanging interesting ideas about topical issues and the tensions around them from different perspectives with new people. 


Summer 2016

The Olympic Games

Movies will be screened throughout August to coincide with the Olympics of Rio de Janeiro, starting August 5, 2016. This will be an occasion to discuss the games and the social issues arising from it, not only in Rio de Janeiro, but in every city from its conception. Throughout the years, each edition generated sporting achievement and controversies. Record breaking performances were made while boycotts, doping, sexual discrimination, racism, terrorism, violence, extreme nationalism and colonialism was taking place. 

We will screen movies and documentaries that recall the darker side of the Games and will open space for dialogue. A movie night not at yours, with comfier couches, opinions (or not), and wine. If you don't like the Olympics, there's a cat you can play with.

2B Entreprise House, 2 Tudor Grove, E9 7QL London

Session 1: Rio de Janeiro, Olympics 2016
3rd of August  2016 •  7PM
  •  London

Session 2: The Munich Olympics 1972
21st of September 2016  •  7.45 PM
  •  London

Session 3: Above & Below, 2015
19 November 2016 •  7.45 PM   •  London

Documentary by Adam Curtis, same creator of 'Hypernormalisation' 

 –The global economic crisis and the mess we're in? Blame it all on the computers–


Session 4: Above & Below, 2015
30 November 2016  •  7.45 PM   •  London

The latest documentary by Nicolas Steiner, released this year. Knowledge is hot and hot is knowledge! Follow April, Dave, Cindy, Rick and the Godfather life’s from Mars to Earth and underneath, in Las Vegas sewage tunnels, in a bunker the middle of the desert, or preparing to leave earth for another planet. 

“Some of us fall by the wayside, and some of us soar to the stars.” So goes the circle-of-life wisdom from a certain pop Disney hit, but it could just as well be the mantra of Swiss helmer Nicolas Steiner’s poignantly down-to-earth graduation film, “Above and Below” — a mesmerizing plunge into the damaged psyches of five characters floating by on the margins of American society, from a couple scraping by in a Las Vegas drainage tunnel to the young woman determined to be among the first crew to colonize Mars. A perfect companion piece to the wave of post-apocalyptic stories flooding television and megaplexes, Steiner’s docu concentrates on five individuals who simply don’t fit into the modern world as we know it — a festival treasure that treats its subjects with a dignity that transcends judgment and a poetic sensibility that ranks it among the year’s most remarkable cinematic discoveries." Peter Debrudge reviewing Above and Below on Variety.

Above and Below.jpg