Fragmentation, 2008. Asia Pacific region.  

Mexican curator Lassla Esquivel features the work of seven young Mexican artists, who on their artistic pursuits question the form in which their reality is conceived by others. How is the world perceived from another view? Fragmentation is reconfiguration, a fragment becomes a whole until it is fragmented again. 

This show travelled to five different venues across the Asia Pacific area (New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Japan) during 2008. 

This exhibition was a collaboration between Galeria Enrique Guerrero and Mexico's Government Office of Foreign Affair.  

JAK@RT FESTIVAL, INDONESIA.  Opening at El Canna Gallery under the umbrella of Jak@art Festival.

Santiago Borja
Manuel Cerda
Ruben Gutiérrez
Pablo Helguera
Miguel Ángel Madrigal
Ricardo Rendón

External links: Gallery Teo, Tokyo, Japan. Sept 2008.