Alexa torre

b. Merida, Mexico, 1987. 

Photographer and visual artist based in Mexico City. She has special interest in photography and how colour can be depicted. She also experiments with light and its ability to change how things are seen depending on the eye of the beholder, playing recurrently with two-dimensional and tridimensional illusions. 

She explores colour as a sign and as a symbol, questioning social and cultural constructions. Torre uses colour to give personality to objects and to bring across her images conversations about gender and examining stereotypes. Often with irony, Torre decontextualises objects and creates new scenarios that seem familiar to the spectator but with subtle changes to question memory and reality. 

Torre studied photography in the New England School of Photography. Her work has been shown in Gericke/Paffrath Gallery in Germany, Casa Tho in Yucatan, and Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos in Mexico City. Also has been featured and collaborated with different magazines as Cuartoscuro, National Geographic, Huffpost among other publications off and online.


Alexa Torre. Series Zona Rosa, 2016. Digital print. 

Available in three sizes: 
1) 30x45cm.

2) 50x75cm.

3) 110x160cm. 

Ed. de 10 + 2 PA

*Works can be sold individually or in groups