What is Periferia Projects?

Periferia Projects is a curatorial platform creating connections from Latin America and other emerging markets to the UK and Europe, developing projects with artists from emerging hubs to enhance their visibility and promote collaboration with new galleries, artists and institutions. We provide curatorial advice for acquisitions and exhibitions. 

Periferia Projects also acts as an art consultancy and is particularly interested on encouraging new collectors to experience the creative involvement of starting an art collection. We advice on decisions regarding art history and aesthetic coherence inside collections taking into account the best choice to improve investments. 

Periferia Projects provides support for art project management, art market and portfolios research. We collaborate with a great range of international consultants, experts in emerging markets to expand our client’s network locally and globally. 

Lassla Esquivel Durand (Mexico City / London)

Art historian, consultant, independent curator and researcher. She has an MA in History and Business of the Contemporary Art Market by the University of Warwick. She specialises in emerging markets, particularly in Latin America.

She has advised private collectors in acquisitions and collection management, as well as commercial galleries with strategy development, providing consultation to focus the identity of the gallery and art management.

Her curatorial projects have been showcased in Latin America, EMEA and Asia-Pacific regions and the UK. Her commercial pursuits consist of institutions like Enrique Guerrero Gallery (Mexico City), Shaped in Mexico (London) and she has collaborated with not for profit projects and organisations like PAC (Contemporary Art Patronage, Mexico City) Bold Tendencies (London) and Edge of Arabia (London).

Her research interests currently are focused in emerging markets, private museums and its relation to the art market. This research has been published by Routledge on the anthology: Art Museums of Latin America Structuring Representation in March 2018.


Beatriz Forti (São Paulo / Paris) 

Architect, independent curator and cultural producer. She has a MBA in Arts and Cultural Management from Paris School of Business and Institut d'Etudes Supérieures d'Art, where she started a research about the influence of private patronage to public museums.

After working for seven years in São Paulo as an architect and interior design producer, she reoriented towards art experiences. In Paris, she joined the communication team of Fondation Carmignac, the press team of Fondation Cartier and then its mediation team. 


She has co-curated shows in Paris recently working with international artists promoting their work in France. She promotes emerging artists, mainly from Latin America. Part of her activities includes consulting for artists, helping with communication strategy, connecting with galleries and reviewing portfolios.

Her aim is to go deeper into communication to create bridges between artists, galleries, cultural places and public.